Founded in 1986, Finnpneumatic Finland Oy Ltd, has a wealth of world wide experience in planning, designing, manufacturing and assembling a range of environmental and materials handling technological equipment.

The international experience gained during the past 15 years, places Finnpneumatic Finland Oy Ltd in a prime position to deliver solutions in the following equipment fields.

  • Pneumatic Conveyor systems

  • Dust Removal Plants

  • Waste Conveying Systems
  • Pneumatic Unloading Systems
  • Central Cleaning Systems
  • Design and fan production

Our extensive international experience has enabled us to successfully design, deliver and deploy custom – designed turn¬key systems to major industrial groups in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

We are confident that we are able to provide a cost-effective efficient solution to your particular problem.

We invite you to contact us for your specific needs and for detailed information of our operations and products.

Dust that is created during the production process in your company affects:

Health and work capacity of employees
makes it more difficult and damages your equipment
pollutes the environment and
represents a loss in the production process.

Investing in the protection of the workplace as well as the wider environment is an investment that returns relatively quickly (3 to 5 years) by returning the collected dust to the production process, and in the long run, it returns through the health and working capacity of its employees and through a longer lifetime and more stable operation of your equipment.

By installing our equipment, you get a clean working space and you can transport your goods, install vehicles or disassemble them without the presence of dust.