Founded in 1986, Finnpneumatic Finland Oy Ltd, has a wealth of world wide experience in planning, designing, manufacturing and assembling a range of environmental and materials handling technological equipment.

The international experience gained during the past 15 years, places Finnpneumatic Finland Oy Ltd in a prime position to deliver solutions in the following equipment fields.

  • Pneumatic Conveyor systems

  • Dust Removal Plants

  • Waste Conveying Systems
  • Pneumatic Unloading Systems
  • Central Cleaning Systems
  • Design and fan production

Our extensive international experience has enabled us to successfully design, deliver and deploy custom – designed turn¬key systems to major industrial groups in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

We are confident that we are able to provide a cost-effective efficient solution to your particular problem.

Dust that is created during the production process in your company affects:

Health and work capacity of employees
makes it more difficult and damages your equipment
pollutes the environment and
represents a loss in the production process.

Investing in the protection of the workplace as well as the wider environment is an investment that returns relatively quickly (3 to 5 years) by returning the collected dust to the production process, and in the long run, it returns through the health and working capacity of its employees and through a longer lifetime and more stable operation of your equipment.

By installing our equipment, you get a clean working space and you can transport your goods, install vehicles or disassemble them without the presence of dust.